Annual report 2014

Annual report 2014


Despite sluggish economic circumstances, Antea Group performance in 2014 remained steady with revenues consistent with 2013. While we did not realize growth, we did successfully overcome multiple challenges within the Engineering and Environmental Consulting market. As a Group, we continue to improve our agility, expand our global reach and foster knowledge exchange among our businesses and resources.







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"Through our International Exchange, Innovation Award and Bilateral Initiative Programs, we are building a strong future for our Group and our employees." 

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Antea Group brings more than sixty years of experience in soil and groundwater remediation to clients around the world. This expertise is highly valued in the global arena as investments and development, especially in emerging markets, continue to grow.

This increased expansion brings new opportunities for our clients, and in turn, our Group. Our proven technical knowledge in industry-leading remediation techniques include the latest thermal treatments as well as green alternatives that seek to reduce resource consumptions along with costs associated with operations and maintenance. 

"Over the past year, we have been working closely with our USA colleagues on a variety of environmental projects in Latin America. Through these bilateral efforts, we’ve successfully collaborated on projects in Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico and Paraguay, improving the knowledge and skills of all parties involved."

- Juan Manuel Martínez, Managing Director Colombia

Our full-service consultation includes deep knowledge of environmental and planning regulations and policies, allowing clients to smoothly navigate operations in countries where regulations and guidelines are currently being developed. Through our own experiences and know-how we leverage local knowledge to our clients’ advantage. The result is environmental solutions tailored to the specific needs of the geography and community of stakeholders along with the assurance that all required procedures, such as permitting, will be streamlined in efficient and ethical ways.

"In Wischusen, Netherlands, we are sanitizing a gas plant near a hospital and a school. This project also involves constant online monitoring of vibrations and air quality. Another interesting innovation is detecting illegal degassing of shipping vessels, for which we have integrated the ship monitoring system with gas detection devices."

- Menno Smits, Managing Director, the Netherlands

In 2010, Antea Group set out to diversify its market position by reducing dependency on any single client or industry segment. Moving forward, we will continue to seek out international expansion opportunities within our group through targeted investment and bilateral efforts. For example, our operations in Colombia and USA are jointly exploring opportunities to expand Antea Group’s position in Latin America.

"In 2014, we worked on every continent except antarctica and completed projects in 86 countries. In part, this is because we are well positioned to serve international customers through our own resources and the inogen environmental alliance."

- Bob Karls, International Director Environment



In line with Antea Group’s growth ambitions and increasingly international approach, over the last three years we’ve been involved in significantly larger infrastructure projects. This activity brings the Group to a whole new level and provides excellent expansion opportunities, as infrastructure projects often require delivery of multiple solutions within one project.

Our solutions draw on engineering approaches in combination with several geotechnical and environmental dimensions. We are exploring opportunities to tender projects with different parties, and translating experience obtained from smaller projects to larger projects.

"The scopes of our projects have grown significantly over the past few years. We believe this is due to our demonstrated expertise and proven ability to tackle complex work. An example of this can be seen in our Tilburg station project where we are helping to construct a rail platform to accommodate increased traffic."

- Rob van Dongen, Managing Director The Netherlands

In 2014, we invested heavily in developing knowledge and skills internally, largely through technology and strategies for sharing experience and expertise across the Group. To boost our capabilities in infrastructure, several bilateral infrastructure development programs are underway.
A few examples include collaboration between our Dutch and French bridge engineering experts on a client assignment, best practice sharing around infrastructure contracts, and French support of Colombian colleagues looking to position themselves in the country’s rapidly growing infrastructure market. 

"Knowledge transfer is one of the top priorities of our group. It’s exciting to see this concept being applied, particularly in the infrastructure market, where our advanced experience in France is adding value to our Colombian operations and the multitude of infrastructure opportunities there."

- Jean-Philippe Loiseau, Managing Director France




Last November, we selected a number of areas for increased investment with a focus on enhancing our service offerings. One of these is water, specifically water quality and availability. As a Group, we have considerable experience working with water as a resource and a transportation platform, and we seek to leverage this knowledge across regions.

Water leads the way when it comes to international cooperation. Last year, we secured a contract with the Indian coastal Port of Cochin, which was troubled by sediment blocking shipping routes. A cross- continental team is carrying out extensive research into how sediment may be kept at bay and we are providing advice on the best technologies to neutralize this threat. Also in India, our Dutch operations and Unihorn, our sister company in Gurgaon, India, are expanding opportunities, particularly in the fields of river training, vessel transport management systems and water quality improvement of major rivers such as the Ganges and the Yamuna. 

“Water management is becoming increasingly important in urban settings and the effects it has on business are multi-faceted. Our experience in water protection enables us to confidently advise our clients in countries where they will undoubtedly face similar water challenges in the future.”

- Jean-Philippe Loiseau, Managing Director France

Over the years, the Dutch and Belgian operations have acquired significant expertise in the development of flood early warning systems. Last year, we received an assignment in Papua New Guinea, where we will be working for the United Nations Development Program on researching and improving the country’s early warning system.

“Antea Belgium has developed very strong know-how and expertise in the water sector, especially when it comes to early warning systems and port and harbor management. Right now, our teams are sharing this knowledge on projects in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.” 

- Jan Parys, Managing Director Belgium

In Colombia, several Antea Group members are examining river management and integrated coastal zone management. In the Netherlands, Antea Group supports the development of several tidal energy plants on major dikes and sea defenses. Internationally, we see a huge potential to export this expertise by combining our experience with water, renewable energy and spatial planning.



Antea Group excels wherever urban planning and environmental considerations meet. The methodologies used can be deployed across different regions, taking into account local knowledge of infrastructure, culture and legislation. Our significant expertise in this field is represented by the following two projects.

“Urban Planning projects always require the engagement and management of multiple stakeholders. We are currently working on a project that involves the Flemish Government, Port of Antwerp and a cluster of petro-chemical companies to carry out a technical feasibility study for the construction of a pipeline connecting Antwerp, Limburg and the Ruhr area of Germany.”

- Jan Parys, Managing Director Belgium 

One project examines the implications of climate change for Europe’s future, allowing experts to create pre-emptive plans. The other looks at how urban planning can adapt to climate change and move away from the classical approach. Fifty-one percent of the cities in Europe (EU28) are adopting Smart City initiatives, and almost all of the world’s countries are examining issues related to modernization in one way or another. Linking up data streams to increase process efficiency and effectiveness in city development, and therefore improving the quality of urban life, is the hallmark of Smart Cities.

“In the Netherlands, we are renowned for our urban development and redevelopment know-how. Building on this expertise internationally is one of our top priorities.”

- Rob van Dongen, Managing Director The Netherlands

In most areas, urban planning is largely legislation-driven and our knowledge in this field can be leveraged across regions by adapting our proven experience to local circumstances. For example, there are many considerations and laws that can hinder the development of wind parks. Our demonstrated knowledge in this area can effectively be applied across different countries.

While local governments in some regions are slow to develop new projects, Antea Group has managed to maintain its market share. As the market gains traction, the Group is in a good position to benefit as upcoming opportunities related to changing demographics and new types of funding are being utilized to support urban development needs.

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