Annual Report: Sector Environment

Annual Report: Sector Environment

Leveraging experiences

Antea Group brings more than sixty years of experience in soil and groundwater remediation to clients around the world. This expertise is highly valued in the global arena as investments and development, especially in emerging markets, continue to grow.

This increased expansion brings new opportunities for our clients, and in turn, our Group. Our proven technical knowledge in industry-leading remediation techniques include the latest thermal treatments as well as green alternatives that seek to reduce resource consumptions along with costs associated with operations and maintenance. 

“Over the past year, we have been working closely with our USA colleagues on a variety of environmental projects in Latin America. Through these bilateral efforts, we’ve successfully collaborated on projects in Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico and Paraguay, improving the knowledge and skills of all parties involved.”

- Juan Manuel Martínez, Managing Director Colombia

Our full-service consultation includes deep knowledge of environmental and planning regulations and policies, allowing clients to smoothly navigate operations in countries where regulations and guidelines are currently being developed. Through our own experiences and know-how we leverage local knowledge to our clients’ advantage. The result is environmental solutions tailored to the specific needs of the geography and community of stakeholders along with the assurance that all required procedures, such as permitting, will be streamlined in efficient and ethical ways.

“In Winschoten, the Netherlands, we are sanitizing a gas plant near a hospital and a school. This project also involves constant online monitoring of vibrations and air quality. Another interesting innovation is detecting illegal degassing of shipping vessels, for which we have integrated the ship monitoring system with gas detection devices.” 

- Menno Smits, Managing Director, the Netherlands

In 2010, Antea Group set out to diversify its market position by reducing dependency on any single client or industry segment. Moving forward, we will continue to seek out international expansion opportunities within our group through targeted investment and bilateral efforts. For example, our operations in Colombia and USA are jointly exploring opportunities to expand Antea Group’s position in Latin America.

“In 2014, we worked on every continent except Antarctica and completed projects in 86 countries. In part, this is because we are well positioned to serve international customers through our own resources and the Inogen Environmental Alliance.”

- Bob Karls, International Director Environment

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