More than just connecting two points

Roads, bridges, water supply, railways and underground tunnels - they are the arteries of society, essential for livability, accessibility and economic growth. However, infrastructure is more than just connecting two points. We understand that the focus is much broader, a com-prehensive undertaking involving legislation, regulation and communication. We develop infrastructure solutions that strengthen our built environment without detracting from our natural environment.

“Our engineers’ knowledge can offer answers to today’s major social issues. For example, we were able to contribute to the construction of the first earthquake-proof dike in the north of the Netherlands.”

Rob van Dongen, Managing Director The Netherlands

“In spite of France’s low level of public investments in infrastructure projects and the resulting strong competition on tenders, 2015 was a relatively satisfying year for Infrastructure. Highlights included strong growth in deconstruction and asbestos removal, resulting from reinforcement of our teams, and increased geotechnical engineering work for the Grand Paris Express (200km of new metro lines around Paris).”

Jean-Philippe Loiseau, Managing Director France

To achieve growth on a difficult market, Antea Group is focusing on diversifying both our expertise and our customer base. In Europe, we are explicitly targeting innovation in the infrastructure sector. Instead of exclusively delivering engineering services, we are expanding our activities to include tenders and supporting customers in the execution of large-scale, complex projects, taking care of tasks such as contract management.

In this sector, as in the rest of our work, growth is founded on expertise and quality. Rather than simply aiming to increase our volumes, we are primarily focusing on improving the quality of our services in close collaboration with other sectors. In the Netherlands, we are building earthquake-proof dikes, requiring us to bundle expertise from our various offices in fields such as water management, geo IT and construction of complex infrastructure.

2015 saw us further expand our activities in this field in North and South America. Following a joint tender, we landed a major contract to put together a master plan for development of the Panama Canal area. In 2015, we were also involved in the design of the biggest oil and gas pipe system in South America, which is planned to traverse the highlands of Peru.