Feasibility study on new international pipeline corridor

Project: Feasibility study new international pipeline corridor


The Port of Antwerp is home to Europe’s largest integrated petrochemical cluster. Pipelines are vital in managing supplies to this cluster. In 2015, the Flemish government assigned Antea Group to carry out a technical feasibility study for the construction of a new pipeline corridor connecting Antwerp, Limburg (in the Netherlands) and the Ruhr area in Germany.

The objectives of the research are to:
• proactively reserve a pipeline space
• connect the large petrochemical clusters in Flanders and secure the supply to the surrounding lands
• facilitate construction of underground pipelines
• promote long term economic development 
• support a sustainable means of transport (congestion free, eco-friendly, safe)
• capitalize on the advantages of one main pipeline versus various individual guide strips

“An international pipeline corridor needs a specific and integrated approach between planners and engineers.” 

Marten Dugernier, Account Manager