EHS regsupport compliance

Answering Global EHS Questions

Project of Antea Group USA

A global pipeline services company needed fast answers to location-specific EHS and regulatory questions related to waste disposal requirements for their facilities around the world. Using our Global RegSupport HelpDesk®, a pay-as-you-go solution that connects client questions with a global network of EHS professionals, Antea Group was able to provide answers to the client in a timely - less than 48 hours - and cost-efficient manner.


Pleased with the outcome, the client now uses this service as a resource to support a team of 17 EHS managers across 31 countries.


That EHS -related questions don’t need in-depth consulting, but are complex enough to require more than a simple internet search.


Access to accurate EHS information that conveniently and cost-effectively assists companies in maintaining facility and operational compliance. 

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