Assessing global water risks and source water vulnerabilities

Assessing global water risks and source water vulnerabilities



One of the largest multinational beer, wine and spirits companies in the world, and a widely regarded global leader in sustainability, retained Antea®Group to assess localized water stress conditions throughout its global operations. The company wanted a prioritization of local risks against the best available internal and external data.


Our solution included three complimentary work streams:

  • Analyzing operational data using the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Water Tool, which provided raw water availability data and generated maps of facilities against select datasets;
  • Completing internal, local water stress surveys for individual sites; and 
  • Conducting a comprehensive water stress analysis for the company through the development and implementation of a methodology that combined both internal and external perspectives on water stress.


As the effort required analyzing a mix of qualitative and quantitative data, the key to our success was developing clear rationale for our conclusions and defining an effective scoring approach. The result was a definitive and justifiable analysis, including a graphical depiction of high, medium and low risk, and an overall prioritization of sites.

The methodology employed not only identified high-risk sites, but also provided a tier-based view on the spectrum of risk across other operational sites. To ensure the analysis provided more than a once-in-time snapshot, the methodology was developed to evolve with the company, allowing for routine updating of individual criterion scores as sites mitigate pressures and/or situations positively or negatively change.

Based upon our analysis, the company moved forward to establish water commitments to mitigate risks and drive a more robust strategy for global water stewardship.