centrale as

Contract management and capacity building: National Highway 356 (De Centrale As)

The Province of Fryslan appointed Antea Group as the project- and contract manager for the national road N356. Antea Group represents the interests of the Employee in the realization of the project by the contractor, in the role of Engineer. Antea Group monitors the quality and manages the works to be coordinated with the environment and stakeholders of the project.

All aspects of civil engineering are applied, ranging from mechanical engineering of a bascule bridge to major geotechnical issues about dewatering and sheet piling. In order to control and supervise the contract, geotechnical engineering and constructions by civil engineers as well as electrical, mechanical engineers and construction engineers are deployed in both design and implementation of this national road.

Capacity Building
By means of system based contract management and project team coaching, Antea Group brings capacity building to the organization of our client. We help the client to add new skills to their project organization. These new skills are related to contract management, project management, risk management, planning. We also implemented a document management system to deal with the approximately 20.000 documents within the project. We teach our client how to collaborate more effectively within project organizations as well with all external stakeholders involved. We help to think and act in projects opportunities and identify how project related bottlenecks can be solved in close collaboration with the contractor. The challenge is to find the right balance between people and technology. We assist the employee in developing these professional skills within this complex project environment. The target is to transfer the completed project smoothly to the Asset Manager by the end of 2016. 

Actual Services Provided:

  1. Team coaching
    Accompany individual project team members in develop individual skills, organize teambuilding program and team workshops
  2. Contract management
    Deploying the right management resources and show how they work
  3. Risk and Planning management 
    Conducting risk management; Drawing up a probabilistic estimate of total work.
  4. Project management 
    Conducting the collaboration; Evaluation of of the project results; conflict management.
  5. Implementation of a document management system.
    Training how to work with the system. Working with the needs and wishes, finally we build a whole new system.