25 kilometer four-lane highway

Contract management four-lane devided highway


In the northeastern region of the Dutch Friesland province, the N356 highway runs through towns and villages, resulting in dangerous traffic situations and causing disturbances. To address this issue, the new “Central Axis” road is being constructed. This 25-kilometer four-lane highway, with a length of 25 kilometers and also including an aqueduct and railway crossing, will run from Dokkum in the north of the province to Nijega in the south.

The Province of Friesland has commissioned Antea Group to be the contract manager. This project involves every imaginable discipline and technology, from a bridge drive mechanism to major geotechnical aspects such as water control and sheet piling. Besides geotechnical engineering and construction expertise, required to manage the contract during the design and construction phases, electrical engineers and mechanical engineers are also being deployed. These experts will also supervise construction works.

“We represent the interests of our client during the project, ensuring the work done by our contractor is carried out correctly, on time and within budget.”

Lukas Pepping, Project Manager