spaarndammer tunnel

Design and Contract Management Spaarndammer Tunnel Amsterdam

In the former Houthaven (harbor area) along the River IJ in Amsterdam, the Municipality of Amsterdam is developing a residential expansion area within the A10 beltway of Amsterdam. Approximately 2,000 residential units as well as 90,000 m2 of commercial area will be developed, scattered over eight 'islands' in the River IJ.

The area development plan Houthaven is intended to link the existing Spaarndammer residential district of Amsterdam to the new to be developed district; the result will be a undivided neighborhood within the beltway A10 of Amsterdam. The barrier effect of the busy exit S101 will be canceled, as 500 meters of tunnel with a green neighborhood park on top of it will be designed and developed. 

Actual Services Provided:

  • Full process and technical supervision, as is stipulated by the Additional Safety of Road Tunnels act (WARVW);
  • Full process and technical supervision, as is stipulated by the Law on Weirs act;
  • Drafting of the entire procurement and contracting files,  based on UAV-GC 2005 integrated contract management system, following the method of Systems Engineering for the established ECM contract;
  • Full process support for the establishment of the procurement and contract files;
  • Preparation of SSK cost-estimates and integrated planning;
  • Communication and consultation with stakeholders concerning the design and processes for obtaining legal approvals and permits;
  • Guidance of the entire procurement process, including assessment and counseling award entries intention to the economically most advantageous market party; this also includes consultancy on the project during the construction phase and the manner of contract management.