Feasibility  PTI² Sleco

Feasibility PTI² Sleco

Sleco is an installation for the treatment of industrial waste. They operate an incinerator for industrial shredded waste in the port of Antwerp (Doel). A part of the waste is shredded on the site of Sleco itself. Because of a necessary increase of the shredder capacity and an optimization of the safety and the reliability of the installation, Sleco started the project for a new shredder installation.

Antea Group is asked for the feasibility study of the new shredder installation (PTI² project).  This study must investigate and evaluate a number of logistic and technical possibilities, and includes an estimation of the investment costs. The study includes following items :

  • Mobility and traffic: implementation of extra and intensive traffic (delivery of the waste by trucks) in the global traffic system of the site.  Evaluation of the impact on the design of the building(s) of the shredder installation
  • Civil engineering: optimization of  
    • the structural elements,
    • the tipping hall with area for manoeuvre of the trucks,
    • the discharge points, 
    • the bunker dimenions and the storage capacity, 
    • the shredder hall with dispatching area and social areas.
  • Evaluation of the internal handling  of the waste stream: central turning crane (type  balanced crane) against overhead cranes, the volume for discharging and storage, the filling cranes of the hoppers of the shredder lines; evacuation of the different materials: unshreddables, steel and metal, shreddered waste
  • Technical evaluation of the cranes, the necessary places for fire protection systems, electricity (high and low voltage), maintenance and workshop, storage mechanical and electrical elements
  • Technical evaluation of the offers
  • Pre-design  (drawings) of the complete installation with tipping hall, bunker, shredder lines. Special attention for fire and explosion safety and for safe maintenance.