hydrometric stations located in Metropolitan France



To optimize hydro-electric production and management of its dams, French electric utility company EDF needs to know stream flow rates in real time. Estimates are made by examining monitored sections of the river, perpendicular to the hydrometric stations. EDF-DTG carries out regular gauging in-house and to improve their knowledge of inflows during floods, they assigned Antea Group to carry out particular tasks.

The assignment comprises the following tasks:

  • Make a diagnosis of the relevant stream sections by analyzing documents and existing studies and by visiting sites
  • Define the necessary topographic surveys (to be carried out by a land surveyor partner)
  • Create a hydraulic model, 1D (Mascaret software) or 2D (Telemac software) for the relevant stream sections
  • Carry out a hydrological validation of the modeling results.

This project concerns 180 hydrometric stations located in Metropolitan France, in the vicinity of EDF’s major hydraulic structures, particularly in the Alps, the Pyrenees and Massif Central regions.

“Hydroelectricity is the world’s original renewable energy. This allows us to confirm our expert rank in hydrology and hydraulic modelling.”

Nicolas Du Boisberranger, Project Manager