The Netherlands: Innovative fire safety concept

The Netherlands: Innovative fire safety concept

Antea Group has designed an innovative and integrated fire safety concept that provides equivalent levels of fire safety for two companies sharing a single storage facility. The fire safety concept we have developed draws on the strengths of existing fire safety facilities, while adding ultra-fast detection capability as used in the petrochemical industry, which we have adapted for specific use in a building-based environment.

We partnered with Chubb Fire & Security on this project. To assess equivalence, the competent authority uses the expertise of the Rotterdam Security Region’s CIV knowledge center. The knowledge center has critically evaluated and approved this fire safety concept, and made the following comments: “The camera system intended to be installed for early fire detection is the first of its kind in the Netherlands.”

This system has the potential to provide significant added value on an international level. We have meanwhile proceeded to further flesh out this innovative fire safety concept to enable its implementation.

“This solution centers on the idea that every fire can be extinguished using a glass of water - provided you get to it in time.”

Albert Werkman, Fire Safety Engineer The Netherlands