planning procedure for the development

Residential development accelerated


The town of Vianen is planning to expand into the Hoef en Haag polder with a residential development of a total of 1,800 homes. Antea Group was asked to handle the planning procedure for the development of this area, and was set the challenge of creating a flexible planning framework that would allow the initiators to respond to market demands.

The Environmental Impact Reporting Committee issued a positive advisory response to the Environmental Impact Assessment. Thanks to the active approach of Antea Group, the local authority and project initiators, the planning procedure was quickly completed (within ten months). Thanks to their positive experiences and the quality of the advice provided, the project initiators recently contracted Antea Group to oversee the follow-up process and further develop the water system.

Antea Group accelerated the mandatory planning procedure (Environmental Impact Assessment/zoning plan). The zoning plan, developed based on the future land use plan for the area, provides solid protection of legal interests where necessary, while remaining flexible where possible. Antea Group played a key role as process supervisor, project leader and driving force.

“The challenge was to manage a complex project with many different stakeholders.”

Tanja Lendzion, Project Manager