Bluegate Aachen railway station

Urban Planning for Railway Station in Aachen, Germany

Aachen, Germany

CroonenBuro5, a subsidiary of Antea Group, redeveloped the whole station area around the Railway station in Aachen. The concept of the project involves the construction of five rectangular building structures between six and ten upper floors.

The 10-story office building forms an urban landmark as a high point and counterpart to the high-rise at the Station Square. The other six story buildings are adjusted in their heights to the existing surrounding buildings. This guarantees us that the visual axis from the Burtscheider bridge towards the Cathedral and city centre will be remained.

Aachen Railway buildings CroonenBuro5

Green Campus

The most important part of the urban concept is the formation of the roof of the ground floor. This area has an accessible green space, mentioned as the Green Campus. This mixed zone offers us an amount of gastronomic facilities and services like hotels, offices and commercial space.

Mobility Center

On the most important position between the Green Campus and the train station a Mobility Center is planned. In this expressive building the equipment and services for mobility are combined (e.g., bicycle rental, parking garage, car rental and e-mobility).

The parking area includes 400 spaces. It is carried out in a one-story parking garage on the ground floor and is located next to the public car park. 

Aachen Railway Green space

The program consist of a total of approximately 29,300 sqm divided in:

  • 9,700 sqm of living (“The Urban Lodge”, 220-260 homes)
  • 5,400 sqm hotel (160 rooms)
  • 7,900 sqm of office
  • 6,300 sqm commercial space (Mobility Center and Mixed Zone)
  • Parking, storage, development, technology in the basement

Client: Bluestone Group
Team: CroonenBuro5, Ohlmeier Architecten
Task: Redevelopment station area
Area: 1 hectare
Year: 2016

Aachen railway plans