Successful Inogen Worldview Conference!

Successful Inogen Worldview Conference!

12 May 2016

On 19 April, Antea Group Nederland hosted the Inogen Worldview Conference, at the RDM-shipyard in Rotterdam.

The theme for this internationally oriented day was 'The Dutch Way', focused on collaboration, innovation and challenges of the environment and safety in the Rotterdam harbor. About 130 guests attended, of which a mix of Inogen partners and clients in the Rotterdam port area.
Inspirational presentations were given by Eric van der Schans: Rotterdam Port Authority, Nicole Fikke: Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Frank Kasel: Deltalinqs and Paul van Riet: NICOLE.

Three workshops were scheduled in the afternoon. Participants built large puzzles on a Google earth surface using puzzle pieces to complete a plant or terminal, through innovative thinking and to utilize each other's expertise.

This day was concluded with a reception and buffet and a tour through the port of Rotterdam on the ‘Marco Polo’.