Veidekke Antea Group best value Noorwegen

Antea Group introduces Best Value to Norwegian Contractor

11 May 2017

The relatively new Best Value approach, a procurement and collaboration method, which has been increasingly spreading throughout the Netherlands (242 projects so far), has now found it’s way to Norway. Nye Veier, a new Norwegian Government Organisation, has adopted the approach to tender over 100km of Norwegian highway. Thereby aiming to improve and renew the Norwegian infrastructure in the most efficient and timely way possible.

Because of the unique combination of Best Value expertise, technical knowledge and a native Norwegian Best Value consultant, the biggest Norwegian Road builder Veidekke has contracted Antea Group as advisors on the first two tenders: over 30 km highway through rough Norwegian landscape, including multiple tunnels and bridges and dozens of small structures. Antea Group Best Value experts will be training the Norwegian teams in adopting the theory, guiding the tender process and practicing interview skills.